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RSAPv3 is free and there are no restrictions on copying or using it.  It is, however, a good idea to register so that you can receive updates and other information as it becomes available.  Click here to register.
These are the Excel macro-enabled workbooks for the cases described in the User’s Manual.  It may take some time to open up Excel over the internet so you should save these locally and open them on your computer.  These examples use excel 12, the same examples are provided in the installation folder.
RSAPv3 is written as a series of Microsoft Excel macros.  RSAPv3 will run on any Windows computer running Excel 14 or better and will run on both 32 and 64 bit computers.  RSAPv3 has been successfully tested with Windows7, Windows XP and Vista. 
RSAPv3 will also run on Excel 12 (i.e., Office 2007) but you need to install a slightly different version.  See tip 4 on the  installation tips page.
The following section includes some examples of common problems people experience while instaulling RSAP.  Please refer to the installation tips page for a full list.
If you have an example that you would like to share, please email it to the project team using the following E-mail link.
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