RSAP Frequently Asked Questions
    Software and Installation Questions
Are there Excel 2003 or 2007 compatible versions?
The macro language used to code RSAPv3 appeared first in Excel12 which was part of MS Office 2007.  If you are using Excel from MS Office 2007 see tip 4 on the Installation Tips page.  RSAPv3 will not run on versions of Excel earlier than Excel 12 (i.e., MS Office 2007).
Can the number of line in the dropdowns be increased to eliminate the need to scroll?
That is a good suggestion.  It is a bit of a challenge because the drop-down menus are a feature of Excel’s data validation rather than the RSAPv3 macro but we will look into it.
I downloaded RSAPv3 and it does not have the ""RSAP Controls"" tool bar that you used during the presentation. What do I click on to see it?
I had program open and lost dialog box in excel.  Had to hit "x" and re-start.
For the previous two questions see tip 2 on the download page.  We suspect that you forgot to “enable the worksheet for editing” the first time. Once you enable the worksheet for editing you can use the key stroke CTRL-s to bring up the RSAP controls dialog if it did not come up automatically.  The “enable editing” dialog only comes up the first time to open a workbook that you have downloaded from the internet.  It is a somewhat annoying Microsoft feature.
Is there a metric version of the RSAPv3 available or pending?
Unfortunately, RSAPv3 is only available using USCU units.  There are no plans for an SI version of the software at this time.
I got a compile error: tools after installing.
You either installed the Excel14 version and are running Excel12 or vice versa.  See tip 4 on the website.