RSAP Release Notes
Changes in Release 150507 include:
  •  A button has been added to the alternatives control box which will display graphically, the alternative.  This is useful for de bugging the models and making sure objects are located correctly on the road.  The graph is a strip chart meaning that horizontal and vertical curvature are not shown (i.e., everything is straight).
  • A series of buttons has been added to the analysis tab.  To see the additional buttons, first select "see settings" and then check "Trajectory Debug".  The dialog box will now expand to include the trajectory debugger options.  These options will display each trajectory as the analysis is performed.  This option is useful for debugging trajectories but should not be used to perform complete runs since doing so would be extremely slow.
  • The ADD nd percent trucks used in the analysis is now printed on the results page, at the top of the feature report and the segment report.
  • A bug was fixed which sometimes caused an error in the cross-section definitions when unequal lanes (e.g., 1 primary and 2 opposing) are modeled.
  • The cross-section page was modified such that when you click on a particular cell (e.g., the segment and alternative) the cross-section graph shown to the right will correspond to the cell selected.
Changes in Release 140130 include:
Changes in Release 130304 include:
Changes in Release 121024 include: