RSAP Frequently Asked Questions
The information was introductory in nature, so the presentation level was most satisfactory. I understand a full scale training course where the students will use RSAP interactively is being readied. This will be a very useful course for designers.
I would like to see an Advance User webinar on RSAP.
This was a good introduction level webinar for RSAP.  A  second webinar (intermediate level) would be helpful to really feel comfortable using RSAP.  This would focus on specific applications and changing default values.
Could have used an actual run through of the program instead of just screen shots.
Presentation was a "how to" use RSAP, rather than justification for RSAP.  Needed more discussion of how vehicle trajectories/encroachments were developed and why users should have confidence in RSAP results.
Some of the RSAP software screens were difficult to read because of the size and it could be made more clear which button was activated to go between RSAP screens.  Otherwise I will have to try a few examples to determine ease of use.
If possible, show actual inputs in spreadsheet/program as opposed to just Power Point slides.
The mathematical basis of the decision process would be more useful than what to put in software blanks.  The former is engineering work, the latter is clerk/technician work.  If the software is used daily it is easier.  If the software is rarely used hand analysis is faster and promotes an innate understanding of the methods.
A little longer time should be allotted to better cover the data entry information.  Possibly try actually entering data in spreadsheet rather than just showing images in the PowerPoint.
The purpose of the webinar was simply to introduce the software and give attendees an idea of what the software is, how it works and how to get it.  There is certainly a need for more in-depth training than could possibly be provided in a one hour webinar.   We have done some live seminars where students down load the software and work step-by-step with the instructors on example problems to become proficient in using RSAP
FHWA’s NHI is considering developing some on-line training modules so if you are interested in that you may want to contact your FHWA resource center.  Full-day face-to-face training seminars can be arranged if there is sufficient demand by contacting the software developer (Roadsafe LLC).  Of course downloading the software and working through the three example problems provided in the User's Manual is also a place to start.  The example problems in the User’s Manual provide step-by-step instructions and the completed input worksheets are also provided on the download page.  Information on the theoretical basis of RSAPv3 can be found in the Engineer’s Manual
How many local agencies actually use this analysis method?
We do not know although earlier versions of RSAP have been in the Roadside Design Guide since 2002 and similar benefit-cost models have been in use since the late 1970’s (e.g., Roadside, BCAP and the 1977 Barrier Guide).
    General Questions and Comments